Tradeviews was founded in 2012 when Russell Thompson spotted improvements were needed in maritime data. He realised that customs data needed to be cleaned and enriched to make it useful for vessel demand modelling.

“I saw the need for a ‘bottom up’ approach to cargo demand modelling. When aggregated, it’s possible to establish true demand and identify complexity and nuances of minor bulk trades.  This approach is particularly important in an industry which is arguably over-reliant on AIS data. Using customs data provides the exact details of cargoes carried, allowing you to sidestep inconsistencies arising from transmitted vessel data.”

Russell Thompson, Managing Director


Russell has a 22 year background in the shipping Maritime industry working for ship owners and key asset providers in both dry cargo and container sectors. He now also teaches commodity trades on a maritime MSc.


Our client list contains some of the biggest names in the maritime industry confirming our status as a leader in cargo demand insight. We are proud to help ship owners, brokers, analysts, investors and traders.


Our diverse team includes maritime analysts, IT developers, educators and storytellers. Working together, our passion brings cargo trade data to life and enhances our platform.

What we do


Just need the analysis? We’ve done the leg work for you. Our highly experienced analysts have sourced and consolidated the key trends and technical nuances that you need to be aware of. Individual monthly reports are available for Bulkers or Tankers.

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Trade Analysis Platform

The Trade Analytics platform is an analyst’s dream. It’s easy and it’s fast. View data for any cargo, country, time and bi-lateral trade, all within 3 clicks.

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