Tradeviews is a maritime company and its founders are from professional maritime careers. We are passionate about data as well as ships. Since our inception in 2012 we’ve a long history and trust with customers providing cargo trade data. Cargo data has been very disjointed and poorly served by the industry. We’ve tried to correct this and raise the bar for data products.


The genesis of our journey lies with our founders whose tenure with ship owners, research companies and ship brokers ignited a fervent passion for data. Intrigued by the potential insights attainable through meticulous data structuring and modelling, they embraced every opportunity to translate this expertise into action. Years of perseverance, coupled with a commitment to continuous learning, have refined our offerings into a product of unparalleled quality and value.

Development Approach

Amidst the challenges of the COVID era, we embarked on a project to integrate cargo forecasting into our data services. Recognizing a longstanding gap in the industry’s approach, characterized by inadequate top-down models, we resolved to approach the task with due diligence. Leveraging our extensive experience and industry insights, we meticulously built our forecasting framework from the ground up, focusing on industry segments and employing robust drivers. We’re proud to affirm that our commitment has yielded tangible benefits, presenting our customers with a significant competitive edge.

Our Reach

Throughout our evolution, we’ve collaborated with prominent entities across the maritime landscape, ranging from major ship owners and other maritime analysts. Additionally, our partnerships extend to leading academic institutions as well as industry bodies like BIMCO. Covering diverse dry cargo segments including steel, fossil fuels, forestry, grains, fertilizers, oil products and chemicals we’ve proudly extended our expertise and passion across multiple industries.

We are supported by a dedicated and passionate team, committed to our mission. If you’re a programmer or industry analyst seeking new career opportunities, we invite you to connect with us and begin a conversation.

What we do

Cargo Trade Data

View data for any cargo, country, time and bi-lateral trade, all within 3 clicks.

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Cargo Forecasting

This is the leading industry forecasting tool built by professionals.

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Cargo Demand Reports

Our highly experienced analysts have sourced and consolidated the key trends.

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