About Us


Tradeviews has designed a trade statistics platform to include all countries, analyse trends and estimate the future. We help our clients understand trade, making an impact in their business.

Why we can help you?

Our employees have worked for key players in the maritime industry, having an excellent knowledge of how and where cargo travels (see blog articles). We’ve developed systems to clean and estimate data using a bottom up approach, providing data at any level.

We Offer:

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Customised Trade Data

Global trade data for any HS code you require including:
  • Monthly and Annual data
  • Import and Exports
  • Quantity and Values
  • Tonne Mile and Tonne Days calculations

Dry Cargo 'Web App'

An online data app for the top 100 dry cargoes. The subscription includes:
    • A dashboard summary
    • trade matrices
    • data download page

Dry Cargo App


Examples of our work include:
  • Database design and planning
  • Designing trade models for governments
  • Investigating trade impact on port development