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Tradeviews provide precision volume and `volume distance` (Tonne Mile) data for dry and wet cargo. Our data is timely, reliable, accessible and insightful. By using the most accurate methodology, we clean, organise and estimate. Then with the best bi-lateral trade flow data we can provide seasonal analysis, full year estimates and establish TRUE CARGO DEMAND.

We offer `cargo fundamental` reports, for those needing important monthly trends. For those needing more technical detail we have our ‘Trade Analytics Platform’. Our customers include commodity traders, ship owner, ship operators, shipbrokers and investors.

What can we help you do…

Understand the overall global trading picture of dry and wet goods
Identify the most efficient routes to trade on
Understand ‘Freight Rate’ drivers on major routes
Plan vessel fleet portfolio more accurately

Sourcing our data

Our data is from country customs authorities. We collect it as soon as its released and then added into our database. Thereby we have THE most accurate historical perspective for Month on Month, Quarter on Quarter and Year on Year trends.

The industry has become too reliant on Satellite data to estimate cargo flow. When aggregated the error rates are too high to build meaningful trend analysis. Whereas Tradeviews verifies published data and therefore can provide a cargo trade benchmark.

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Trade Analysis Platform

The Trade Analysis Platform (TAP) is an analyst’s dream. Data for any cargo, country, time and bi-lateral trade. All within 3 clicks.

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  • Unique insights into maritime industry covering all the main cargo groups
  • Fundamental metrics

Bulker Cargo Monthly

  • 12 month subscription
  • Cargoes include iron ore, coal, grain, minerals, steel, fertilisers and forestry
  • Annual, Quarterly, Monthly data

Tanker Cargo Monthly

  • 12 month subscription
  • Cargoes include crude oil, fuel oil, gas oil, gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, naphtha, LNG and LPG
  • Annual, Quarterly, Monthly data

Bulker & Tanker Monthly

  • Combined save £500
  • Cargoes include main bulker and tanker groups as listed in the two reports
  • Annual, Quarterly, Monthly data


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