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Tradeviews determines cargo and vessel demand through curation and harmonisation of customs data.

This rich foundation enables us to professionally forecast future demand with transparency and precision. These invaluable insights are presented on our intuitive data platform, empowering clients with actionable foresight for strategic decision-making.

Consolidated Customs Trade Data

Customs trade data stands as the most dependable method for assessing intercountry trade volumes, representing what customs authorities officially declare as transacted. In each bilateral trade transaction, there are two data sets provided by the exporter and importer respectively. We offer both sets, enabling you to authenticate and embrace a holistic perspective of global trade.

Exploring Worldwide Trade

We collect monthly import and export data from customs agencies, statistics institutes, and diverse sources spanning 100+ countries across 6 continents. Our proprietary software seamlessly organizes and transforms this data into clear, user-friendly tables and charts. Navigate the complexities of international trade swiftly, effortlessly, and with clarity.

Vessel Demand Insight

By integrating customs data with our vessel intelligence, we offer a comprehensive overview of the vessel infrastructure involved in transporting cargoes. Our analysis includes shipping distance data, enabling us to estimate voyage days and duration required to transport these cargoes.


Our process commences by analysing production, consumption and stock levels data for every bulk cargo across diverse global regions. We then determine import, export, while considering market fluctuations. By integrating these insights with our profound understanding of shipping intricacies, we effectively minimise uncertainties, enabling our clients to navigate the market with minimised risk and enhanced confidence.


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Tradeviews helps to give us an accurate perspective of global trade

Reliable data and presented well. Very professional company with a fast response. Russell and his team are great to work with.

We’ve worked with Tradeviews for over 10 years and they provide excellent service and value.

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