Tradeviews allows you to find quick, reliable answers to complex trade questions.

Our cargo trade data platform shows what’s driving bulker and tanker vessel demand. We clean and enrich customs data from every country to deliver precise volume and distance data in tonne miles.

We are proud to offer shipping analysts an edge in understanding cargo trade data. Many of our clients include leading ship owners, analysts and brokers.

Updating cargo trade data shipping models can take you days. Not anymore. Our platform gives the answers you need in as little as 3 clicks, ready to download.

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Cargo trade data

Trade Analytics Platform

The Trade Analytics platform is an analyst’s dream. It’s easy and it’s fast. View data for any cargo, country, time and bi-lateral trade, all within 3 clicks.

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Market Intelligence Reports

Just need the analysis? We’ve done the leg work for you. Our highly experienced analysts have sourced and consolidated the key trends and technical nuances that you need to be aware off. Individual monthly reports are available for Bulkers or Tankers.

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What can we help you do

Understand the global trading picture for dry and wet cargo
Identify regional changes in cargo mix
Understand ‘Freight Rate’ drivers on major routes
Discover investment opportunities

Tradeviews data architecture

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Our data is from newly published customs intelligence. We clean it, transform it, and model it, ready for use. We have data tracking back 20 years and as a result we have been able to audit events and patterns to help your future strategic planning.

We have modelled the data for you so that you can easily see:

• What is driving freight rates
• The impact of wild card events on trade.
• What are the ramifications of tariff changes on trade flows
• The impact of supplier disruptions on tonne mile distance
• How imports can be a leading indicator of economic activity

You can view our data through visual tools and BI graphs that can help you communicate market intelligence.

No need to faff around trying to work out how to export your data into the template you need. We have seamless integration into Excel so any updates to your existing report designs can be simply refreshed.

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