Frequently Asked Questions

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How is our data sourced?
We aim to source all our data from national customs authorities. Where this is unreliable or ineffective we use other institutions like Eurostat, United Nations Comtrade, ITC, WTO. We produce all our own estimates and forecasts as well as cleaning existing data.

How current are your statistics?
We work hard to source the latest trade data. The earliest monthly data arrives approximately 2 months after the end of a month. We estimate trade until data becomes available.

How reliable are your statistics?
All trade data comes with errors. As we understand bulk cargo trade, we rectify most of these through our data cleaning mechanisms.

Can you produce statistics for any cargo?
Yes, please write to us at hello@tradeviews.net

Are there restrictions on data usage?
Upon subscription, all data series are freely available for personal use, but you must cite the source when used in presentations. Contact us if you wish to redistribute.

Do you offer support?
Yes, email us at hello@tradeviews.net or call us on +44 (0) 203 0349100