Dry Cargo Subscription Service Launched

On the 4th April  2016 we launched our Dry Cargo trade data subscription service. This is a major step forward from our previous method of emailing reports. The new module offers essential tools that a trade analyst will need to get an unparalleled perspective of global trade. As the year progresses we’ll add more features to give new insights into trade.

This module includes over 90 different cargoes including ores & minerals, grains & agribulks, fertilisers, forestry, construction and steel. Next month we’ll be launching our beta wet cargo module to include crude oil and products cargoes.

Initially we created these four pages to help you analyse cargo trade:

  • Overview – This screen includes growth percentages of all the main cargo groups
  • Country Summary – View a series of imports and export by county
  • Trade matrix – Complete table of bilateral trade
  • Downloads – Get all our data in CSV format for Excel

Below are a few screenshots of our initial screens.


Overview    fert screen2   Agriculture Screen 2

If you would like to have a free trial then please do get in touch.

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