Dry Cargo Conference – Rotterdam

The conference focused on the macro overview of the dry cargo segment along with detailed presentations on the technical side. The audience was very international and the meeting provided good networking opportunity.

Russell Thompson from Tradeviews gave a presentation on grain, fertilisers and biomass. He spoke about the structural trade volumes for these markets and presented their study on seasonality. Many grains and fertilisers had a two peak seasonality which coincided with the two hemisphere harvest periods. For wheat the main peak was in the August northern hemisphere  and notably May for the soybean harvest from Brazil.

For Biomass, Russell spoke about the overall strong growth compared to other commodity groups. As government funding has reduced over the years the outlook was as not as positive as it use to be but nevertheless forecasters like Hawkins Wright were predicting double digit growth until 2020. The forecast is reliant on project approval for powerstation conversions but with their market knowledge they have a positive outlook.

Rotterdam Presentation


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