Trade Analytics Platform

A global cube of country-to-country trade data
available for the bulker and tanker commodity sector.

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Understand seasonality and market forces


We've developed a tool for analysing seasonality. By selecting cargo types and regions you can understand trades that follow clear seasonal patterns and those that follow economic trends. This can help you anticipate future commodity demand.

We've also developed tradeflow maps so you can understand intercontinental movement of goods by cargo type. These can be analysed by tonne mile so you can see shipping vessel trade growth versus cargo growth.

Intelligently presented tables

Trade Matrix
We use bottom up bi-lateral trade tables with a simple filter system. The tables are sorted by volume and can be exported to excel with one click. Estimate values are coloured green for identification.

Country Summary
Imports or exports summarised by country, allows you to understand macro trends over long periods. You can also drill down to monthly data or individual country trade data.

What cargoes are included?

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  • Ores and Minerals
    Iron ore, Granite, Gravel, Salt, Kaolin, Manganese Ore, Copper Concentrates, Nickel Ore, Aluminium Ore, Alumina, Coal, Lignite, Coke, Petcoke, Bitumen, Soda Ash, Caustic Soda, Slag, Limestone, Graphite, Alumina, Magnasite, Frac Sand, Lithium Carbonate, Fluorspa Barytes, Titanium Dioxide
  • Grain/Agribulk
    Wheat, Rye, Barley, Oats, Maize, Rice, Sorghum, Buckwheat, Soya Bean, Soymeal, Sugar
  • Fertilisers
    Nitrogen Fertiliser, Phosrock, Potash, NPK, Urea, Sulphur
  • Forestry
    Wood Fuel, Wood Pellet, Softwood Chips, Hardwood Chips, Fuel Wood in Logs, Sawdust, Wood in Rough, Wood Sawn, Newsprint, Mechanical Wood Pulp, Dissolving Wood Pulp, Semi Chemical Wood Pulp, Bleached Softwood Wood Pulp (BSKP), Bleached Hardwood Wood Pulp (BHKP), Recycled Fibre, UKP
  • Steel
    Rebar, Pig Iron, DRI, Pig Iron Powder, Steel Ingots, Semi-Finished Steel, Scrap Steel, Tubes Cast Iron, Tubes Seemless Steel, Tubes Large Oil and Gas, Tubes Oil and Gas, Flat HRC, Flat CRC, Flat Coil l600, Long Rods in Coil, Other Rods, Long Other Rods, Long wire
  • Construction
    Cement, Gypsum, Aluminium, Fly Ash


Global Coverage



Bottom up data and forecasting

Bi-lateral trade for every country to country combination. Pinpoint expected monthly exports with detailed forecasts.

Seaborne based trade

Select between Seaborne and total trade. Pipeline trade are identified for oil products.

Fast Downloads

Download any selection of data in
CSV format ready to be used in Excel.

Select units

Choose between volume in tonnes, value or barrels per day for oil based cargoes. Tonne mile data is calculated for seagoing routes to revelvant ports.

Three Tier aggregation of Cargo data

Tier one: Top level eg. Dry Cargo
Tier two: main subgroup eg. Forestry, Steel, Grain.
Tier three: lowest level: eg. Iron ore, Coal, Woodpellets

3 Tier aggregation of country data

Tier one: Top level eg. Asia
Tier two: main subgroup eg. Far East
Tier three: lowest level: eg. China

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